Tuesday, June 29, 2010

13 Weeks

13 weeks old now and looking good.  I just had them tested by the NPIP, will have to wait on one of the tests but the other one is instant and clear.  Yay.  Lots of crowing going on now in the mornings.  Some are sounding professional and others are still trying to get it.  We had a couple of very hot weeks.  Very stressful for the birds but this week has cooled down by 15 - 20 degrees, F.  Gives me a break from the worry of keeping them cooled. 
Some pictures of my chickens at this age:
in the
in the
of the

Big beautiful Buckeye Cockerelle,  he is so friendly and mild mannered and growing so big.  I would like to keep him but he may be too tall and he has crooked toes.  I may keep him anyway.  Not sure.  He would make a great pet.

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